I have to admit something to you guys. I am freaking tired. This convention has started to take its toll on my health due to advance age (about to become 20). I just don’t have it in me like i used to. I walk the halls feeling tired, but I can’t sleep. No matter how much coffee I drink it’s never enough. Sometimes it feels like I’m about to sleep while I’m in the middle of walking, but I never do. However I must stay strong. I have to keep pushing towards tomorrow.

The first thing I did when I arrived? Saw two certain people, which of course makes me think, “I have to do this.” Uhh...possible spoiler?

Also saw the most badass parenting of all time.

I only hope his mom is okay. Saw the best Shulk while walking.

About 10 am I arrived and started to browse the exhibit hall to see the interesting stuff they had.

I also bought... You know I’ll just get this stuff out of the way since it seems obvious. Yes I did something Trigger related. I’ll talk about Trigger stuff now so you don’t have to read about it later. Still feeling the hype of Little Witch, I bought these (which will probably make Kevin a little salty. Sorry Kevin).

Unfortunately this was sold out by the time I came back.

And of course I had to go to the Little Witch Academia The Enchanted Parade panel. Here’s some of the highlights as best as I can remember them.

  • Apparently the Inferno Cop/Little Witch crossover short was shown without the permission from the executives of Trigger. Despite the cheers of thousands of people, they are no match for business executives. The director, screen writer, producer, and other Trigger staff were quickly reminded of their place. =(
  • Due to scheduling, like working on Kill la Kill in the middle of it, it was a race just to finish Little Witch by its goal; before AX.
  • Some ideas originally had for the sequel were (and I paraphrase); battle, battle, car chase, monsters, Akko riding dragons, witches vs. evil society that uses guns. Obviously none of these ideas were approved. They admitted it started to become more Kill la Kill then Little Witch.
  • One thing discussed was the character Jasminka. She’s a bit more plus size than your average anime character, and they were not sure how she’d be receive. They were hoping the western audience would like it, and they were right.
  • One last surprising and interesting thing, which was found out during a fan question, was director Yoh Yoshinari admitted there was not a single thing he actually liked about the finished film. By that he meant that what the final product was, was not close to his vision. If I recall he said something along the lines of being annoyed or cringing when he saw the final product. There are more things he wish he could have done.

Yeah, yeah I know I’m a fanboy. Sorry if it seems annoying to only hear about Trigger for most of these. If it makes you feel any better Kevin, I checked these out for you buddy.

Any way I also attended the Keiji Inafune/Studio 4 C (don’t know how to put that symbol).

As you probably heard they announced Red Ash. Now I will admit I was still feeling tired, so I probably was not pumped up as much as I should have. Sorry in advance. The main theme of the panel was trying to combine game play with elements of anime. To try to make players experience exploring anime worlds. Apparently an anime series was also announced, with the goal being to give players to mediums to explore a world... I think. Look it’s a project where a game and anime are being made at the same time to synthesize with each other, I think. I’m tired here give me a break. Oh yeah, because of the rumors, he also said that the creation of Mega Man Legends would be up to Capcom, so there goes that dream.

Anyway my cousins and I decided to go to exhibit hall for the arcade. Lets say if your a fan of Japanese rhythm games and other stereotypical games you’d see in an anime arcade, it’s as close your going to get to heaven in LA.

This guy was one of those people who can play that In The Groove mode that uses 2 dance pads at once. He was pretty good.

The original plan for me and my cousins was to stay late to watch the Otaku Parliamentary debate. Unfortunately Father Time was not kind to me or my cousins. We ended up having to call it a day early and went home. Not before we saw this.

Uhh any idea why the last one is in reverse? Is it supposed to be like reading a manga? Or...


Well that’s it for today. My arms are aching, my sleep schedule is messed up, and I ’m just feeling like crap in general. But I must finish this. I will be there till the very end and finish strong. Tonight I sleep during the eleventh hour, judgement day, five minutes to midnight, what ever you want to call it. Tomorrow I might meet my maker, because tomorrow this ends. Stay tuned for the final day.