As of late, I've noticed that some have been making some mistakes with the Review Card (or at least really deviating from how I originally intended it to be), so I thought I'd clarify some points. Probably my fault because I never really specified it, but might as well now.

I'll be doing this by comparing two different review cards: One of them is the review card from the Fate/stay night Unlimited Blade Works Season 1 Review, and one of them is a pre-release card I snagged from Mdubs' review of Your Lie in April when I was helping him edit it, but the final version is different than this one, so keep that in mind.

See any differences? Well, there are a few points I would like to point out:

  • 1. If you don't use all the signs, delete them.

This one isn't exactly an issue on the YLIA card, but this is probably the most obvious deviation and one of the more common issues on the review cards. I put all of them there for ease of use, but didn't expect people to include them when they didn't need them... so yeah! If you aren't using them, wipe them out. Here's a comparison with Tokyo Magnitude 8.0.

  • 2. Make sure the Title is all the way to the left on the bar and right above it. Make sure the quip is all the way to the right of the bar and above it. The Title should be larger in font than the quip.

In my example, both of them get the title right, being all the way to the left, but the quip is way off on the YLIA proto card, being nowhere near the right. Also, a few things I'd like to see but aren't really required: Originally when I made these assets, I made it with the title being all caps, because it looks sharper, as seen in Durarara card, but it's fine with lower case ones as well. Also, I imagined it so the text would be large like in the FSN card, but that can run into issues with longer names... notice how YLIA's text is smaller? That's fine too, but make sure it's bigger than the quip.

  • 3. Make sure the recommendations at the bottom is aligned with the Also Recommended bit

It just looks sharper that way. having it a little up like some may accidentally have just throws it off.

  • 4. Put asterisks before the text under the Information header

This one's pretty minor so it's totally optional (actually, pretty much all of this is optional, but it helps with consistency), but I think it makes it look a lot nicer.

Well, that's about it! If any other deviation comes up, I will update this post to clarify the issues that will be stated. FYI, I have no way to enforce this, so this is all voluntary, but I would love to see everyone take these steps to help make the card a bit more professional and more cohesive. Thanks in advance!

If anyone wants to talk about this PSA, or anything about this, just shoot me a message via Skype or my email I'm always willing to clarify any issues you are having, or anything involving the assets. Thanks for reading!