It’s been a pretty productive week for me in anime. I’ve gotten through quite a bit of Rozen Maiden for my MAL challenge and I’ve been keeping up to date with with multiple seasonal shows and from the looks of it, AniTAY has been pretty busy as well.

Without more delay, here’s your weekly AniDROP

Featured articles:

It’s hard to believe that the new season of anime is only 3 weeks away.

Sometimes, you encounter something so profound, yet so simple, that you can’t help but cut onions near your computer cus you’re definitely not crying.


Man this series is just so intense. I can’t wait till next Thursday for the new episode!

I really need to check my local theaters to see if this is playing in a theater near me.

Episode Reviews:


TAYkobon is getting an update to it’s rating system.

Not actually from TAYkobon, but it’s close enough ;P


Remember kids, fasting is not a great way to lose weight in real life.

Oh boy, something to add to my MAL challenge watch list.


Here’s your weekly playlist.


If you couldn’t get enough of this seasonal anime about rakugo, here’s some real life rakugo about gundams.

I forgot Terriermon pretended to be a stuffed anime/backpack in digimon tamers.

Tsunder-button is a button

AniTAY Café:

My favorite articles on Anitay were Dex and Rock’s anime reviews. They generally talked about animes that I’ve never heard about and they made each series seem interesting to check out, both the bad and the good. Although, most of these reviews actually existed before AniAY began.

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