Ah what a beautiful night to post an AniDrop. The sky is clear, the stars are shining, and I had what was equivalent to a heart attack on a plate for diner. It’s not like it made me real sleepy or anything... uh... MOOOOOOOON!

Featured Articles:

It’s that time of the season where we get a bunch of monkeys and give them pencils to see what happens. Also, we recommend what animes you should be watching this Winter season.

Two of our writers have become slightly more internet famous! Let us herald this event with cookies and brownies!

Our local Rock star rocks the boat with his rocking opinions on Grimgar. Rock.

On the other hand, Gugsy talks about Monty Python’s flying circus and how it’s high school, fantasy, sports, anime adaptation is failing him.


Our local T-rex prosecutor reviews the future and apparently it’s full of games. Yay!

Vince reminds me that I should probably rewatch this series again.

RWBY has a ton of cool weapons.

Episode Reviews:




I know what you’re thinking, why are there only 5 OP/EDs this week? Well, one, I probably put one or two of them in last week’s drop and two, ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Sunday Café:

It’s MIA. I should probably start putting it’s picture on milk cartons.

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