Have you ever had that sinking feeling, where you’re sure something terrible is right behind you, but you don’t want to look just so you don’t get a jump scare? Yah that’s how I was feeling while watching Stanger Things. Luckily all that tension was relieved when the monster in the show busted through a wall like the Koolaid Man… Anyways, Stanger Things is pretty great and I recommend watching it while not drinking koolaid since you won’t be able to take anything seriously.

Now here’s your weekly AniDROP.

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It’s been about 10 years and finally the 2nd shounen jump titan of the 90s has ended.

All I can say is, “Why aren’t you watching these shows?”

I can’t imagine a time when One Piece will ever end. It’l just keep going like Hajime no Ippo.


The beginning of the venerated Jojo’s Bizzare Adventure Series.

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