It’s a new year and do you know what that means? Lists. Lists everywhere.

Joking aside, I’m pretty excited for the new year because it seems like the fantasy and isekai animes are in production and I personally love both genres. I can’t wait to see what these animes will do or fail to do.

If you can’t wait to get your dose of fantasy anime, then I recommend checking out Chain Chronicle: Light of Haecceitas because it’s a pretty great action fantasy movie and it won’t take too long to watch.

What things are you excited about in 2017? Got any specific animes you’re looking forward to?

Now here’s your weekly AniDROP.

Featured Articles:

It’s finally time to determine which animes were the best in 2016.

Farewell 2016 and thanks for all the fish!

If you haven’t checked out J-Novel Club already, I and Bacon highly recommend you do if you’re interested in light novels.


Rock has two top ten lists for you!

Funny story, when collecting the links for this and the list above, my browser slowed down due to both the hearder gifs playing at the same time.

Here’s Grex’s 10 ten animes of the Fall 2016.

Man Matt you’re doing so much in 2016. Covering mangas and light novels for Taykobon, going to college, and watching anime. What aren’t you doing?

Underneath that anime high school girl facade is a cold blooded killer

Got any goals during your anime junior year?

Stinolez gives us a rundown of what animes he finished this season.

Koda tells us of the stand out shows that aired in 2016.

Don’t worry Shade, I don’t remember when the last time wrote an article as well.


Episode Reviews:

Visual Novels:

Rock returns with a visual novel review.




I’ve got my fair share of unpublished articles sitting in my back burner as well…

I’m surprised Baby Metal wasn’t mentioned in every category.



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