Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone! I hope you all got lots of good presents and had a good meal. I had a great time spending time with my family through and I was also able to catch up on a few shows and get through some of my gaming backlog while adding a few more things to both of those lists. My life is a never ending cycle of adding things to my backlog at this point...

Anyways, a new year is upon us with many exciting and terrifying things ahead of us and I was wondering, what animes/games/events are you excited for or dreading in the coming year?

Now here’s your weekly AniDROP.

Featured Articles:

A quick guide to those who need to catch up on the previous seasons for shows with another cour of anime before the new season airs. Good luck catching up on Gintama.

Man, I remember when this show first aired on Toonami.

If you have some extra time, Koda has some anime recommendations for you.


Let’s hope that the series doesn’t get bogged down in filler material.

Episode Reviews:





Oh man I failed so much on my challenge. I suppose I’ll have to do a thorough analysis to figure out what went wrong on my end.


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