Just when you think you’ve completed a task and are preparing to do something fun in the sun, you look out the window and realize that it’s pitch black out there. Yes, it’s that time of the year folks, where every evening is an anime watching evening. So break out your dakimakuras and prepare those cartons of ice cream and let’s enjoy this anime season!

Now here’s your weekly AniDROP.

Featured Articles:

I wonder if One Piece will have a similar or better fight at the end of the series. If it ever ends.

Why does the protagonist have an eye on his crotch? The world may never know.

Koda tells us his favorite animes last season.

With a new season comes a new fantasy league and I just realized how poorly I picked this season…


Imagine what it would be like if you lived in a world where the ground was like a level from Super Mario Galaxy.

Go go salty rangers! dodododododoooo.

The end is nigh!

A collection of impressions of the new anime this season!

More impressions for people not enough time, like me

You’ll carry that weight.

Episode Reviews:





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