Ah February 14th, a time of love and togetherness. It’s a time where many people show their affections for each other by buying or make sweet delicious treats. For many this day is a painful reminder of their loneliness, while others forget about it entirely. For me, February symbolizes the apocalyptic warnings Wilford Brimley have given us about diabetes that have come to fruition. To combat the diabestie’s sweet sweet temptations, I decided to watch some anime and I still managed to get diabetes.

Now here’s your weekly AniDROP!

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It maybe late, but it’s still appreciated.

What Mario doesn’t represent anime?! Who knew.

These madman watched a bunch of shit anime so you don’t have to.


You could say it’s the Kintama standard… I’ll let myself out now.

If you were looking for some soothing shows this winter season, here are two of the strongest contenders.

Nothing is so sweet as revenge.

I’m surprised Goku hasn’t become the main villain of the series yet.

Here’s some speculation on the new Ghost in the Shell movie.

This has to be the most romantic anime Hiroyuki Imaishi has ever directed


The diabetes is strong with this one.

Episode Reviews:


Visual Novels:

All I can say is, making bets during the superbowl generally leads to situations like this Rock.



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Yay Proton’s back!

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