Greetings all, been a while. A succession of health issues has kept me preoccupied for a long time, but I am doing well again (finally) and desire to return to writing. Huzzah!

When I last did regular content, I was conducting an experiment about whether knowledge of a series’s source material could provide for better reviewing of the anime. “A work must stand on its own” is often taken to mean “I don’t need to know anything about it going in” and as a result, silly mistakes can occur. I disagreed with this stance and set out to do episodic reviews of Heavy Object, to see if my knowledge of the LN’s would allow me to provide a better quality of critique. I got to episode three before my wellbeing imploding, though I will point out the two things are not related. I think...


So, I hate leaving things unfinished, but HO is long over. Thus, I ask you punters: do I finish the episodic reviews, or move on to fresh content of which I have several ideas. Poll below!