Itami and some of his team returned to Japan with Rory, Lelei, and Tuka for a public Diet hearing regarding the dragon attack (and Piña and Bozes for an unofficial meeting to set up mediation terms between Japan and the Empire). A little shopping and a lot of culture shock later, some great politics go down, Rory destroys a politician trying to demonize the JSDF, and an unknown group shows that they can get to the guests from the Special Region in a series of escalating displays ranging from cutting off a security detail escort car in traffic to setting a hotel on fire.

Though it may be less apparent to anime-only people, Rory calling Risa “Hardy” is quite comical and acknowledges that Rory’s character design is “very anime” as the un-initiated would say.

More of Lelei’s love of learning. So far I’d say Lelei is my favorite of the three. Tuka hasn’t had much development beyond her father dying and her denial of it happening (which we really only saw happen 2-3 times), and Rory hasn’t had anything new to add to her introduction other than what we learned at Italica. Lelei hasn’t had any new things added to her character, but she seems to be growing more than the other two (certainly more than Tuka).

Risa’s design and character are slightly different, as she seems a bit more sassy in the anime to me. Sass is good most of the time.

Good ol’ Tomita, poking fun at the otaku not-couple.

You might think this is a serene looking scene, but remember, she is praying something along the lines of “Emloy, god of death, let me kill many people.” Yeah. Not serene. Scary.

“Art.” “Literature.” This gag was pretty funny and made up for the repetition of the “another world” joke.

All of these not-so-subtle reminders that Itami is a badass are nice, but we’re starting to fall into the area where it just seems to be reminders for no reason since we never see him actively use any of his personal fighting skills.

“Modern war is either fourth-generation warfare, a blend of police tactics and guerrilla warfare, or operations where plans are laid out beforehand and the target is destroyed in a single strike.” A slightly different translation than the manga, but it’s still good.

Think twice before you try to creep on an apostle of the death god. It probably will not end well for you.

I predict that this guy will die soon. Like, in the next episode. Rory will probably be the one to do it. And if not, then that means we will probably get some more politics and such, as he is the agent representing the US right now.

The entire time the rest of the people are talking, Lelei is levitating water. Honestly, that was the funniest part of the episode to me.

A drunk Rory is an even scarier Rory.

Politics! Yes! This is what I’ve been hoping for. The US is the first to jump into the scene, and the next episode will show us more about whether or not calling off the Japanese Special forces is enough to grant the US a victory. I’m going to bet not because of Rory.

Another mis-translation. This makes it sound like the attackers are survival gamers (it’s like MilSim), but in reality they are special forces units. There’s just a sliiight difference between the two.

This “we’re in another world” joke got old pretty quick. The manga didn’t use it as much, but even then after the first time it was just a bit too forced.

This wording makes it sound like all he does is run away, but in the manga they make it clearer that he is actually useful as opposed to just categorizing him as ‘that dude who is really good at running away and not doing things’.

Itami’s suspicion of Kadokawa and those around him is stated more elaborately. Itami saying that Lelei is clingy is probably because she is a kid and a bit scared/stressed by all that is going on, which adds to the depth of the character. Character depth is always good.

IT’S A MINE! Poor Tomita.

We definitely see more of the Prime Minister’s internal struggle and thoughts in the manga than in the anime. Politics!

Overall, there was more background information and events in the manga, such as the Minister of Defense seeming to be less approving of the Prime Minister. Politics!

Itami’s philosophy is, just like in the anime, absolutely hilarious. These are words to live by.

This was an absolutely great moment as it dawns on Risa that while she may be scraping by, these girls have been making money working as various consultants and other things.

Again with the ‘arts’.

The added scene of the Special Region and the parts of Recon Team 3 that remain there was seemingly superfluous to the current plot, but nice to see them acknowledged. I’m also guessing that what they are doing isn’t quite as superfluous as it seems.

The relationship between the Minister of Defense and Itami is quite comical. One day otaku will rule the world. Also, the “punish” part is directed at the attackers instead of Itami for going AWOL with the guests. Though both work, this use fits better in my mind. Instead of a friend being jokingly mad, it carries the weight of the director of an armed military force being slightly less jokingly mad.

Just like in the anime, they bought lots of things with Itami’s money that was supposed to be for supporting Risa. Lelei’s quest for knowledge has jumped a bit ahead of itself here though, as she bought a laptop and tablet without knowing that they require a power outlet. Not as funny as the levitating water bit, but still funny. Rory does not get a white dress in the manga and instead gets stockings. I don’t really care either way, as her design doesn’t matter to me - just the fact that she is a psycho-crazy killer when she decides she wants to do some fighting.

The second “form of war” seems more like a steamroll tactic than the tactical precision strike described in the anime. Not really better nor worse, just different.

Facial expressions and Itami stories - two things that rarely disappoint in GATE.

The manga shows a bit more about Itami. He thought he was saying something nice, but really he didn’t understand how Risa felt. I mean, when you propose to a guy with “In exchange for food, I will marry you,” you can hardly blame him for having the wrong impression, but this little detail makes the characters feel more real.

POLITICS! Woohoo! Also, I’ll reiterate this: a drunk Rory is a scarier Rory. You never know when she’ll start a killing spree.

Little details such as the fact that they actually cover the light so as not to give away their position and the Japanese Special Forces soldier closing one eye to preserve his night-vision in the other give the manga a leg up compared to the anime. (This page also has the more accurate “survival gamer” line).

That MP7 is very detailed and very nice to look at. The art of the manga is really great at times...

...And at others it isn’t to my personal tastes for what I look for in a story. Let’s just say that there were a lot of things cut and/or changed in the anime (for very good reason) and leave it at that. There was lots of “I’m just going to skim the text as fast as possible and just get past this bit.”

Politics! Stealth fighting! ...Onsen?

This week introduced some new characters that I feel (read: hope) will continue to show up, such as the Minister of Defense. This turn towards the political aspect of the show is a welcome sight. Both the anime and the manga did pretty much the same things, but as this is an opinion series, I will say that I would recommend the anime for this section. If you want to read the manga, it honestly isn’t much different plot-wise (though different ‘plot’-wise). On a story quality level, I’d say they’re about equal not including some of the translational discrepancies.

AnimeGATE is a series on experiencing an anime and its manga source material simultaneously. But really, “it’s about ethics in anime adaptations...”