Itami and friends arrive at Italica while it is under siege and team up with the Royal Princess Piña Co Lada of the Empire to defend the city and its citizens. The besieging army that is made up of the remnants of the Allied-Nations army that attacked Alnus Hill eventually breaches the walls and Piña is left in a difficult situation. With the Itami’s team placed at the southern gate, which was where Piña anticipated the enemy would attack, they are too far away to give support to the eastern gate that has been breached.

Now it is clear that the marauders are bloodthirsty and battle-crazed. A slight rearrangement of scene placement, but it works just as well.

This quote from Apocalypse Now is funny, and this direct quote is much better than the manga’s “What are you doing?” “Guarding the bullets.”

Lelei continues to do ask questions and look at the bigger picture. It’s great that they are building her character this way, but it will just be character building for its own sake unless she eventually has to make some hard decision, act in a crisis, etc.

So, the last frame here miiiight have been rearranged to make the .gif, but the fact that they chose to split the subtitle line right there is still funny.

“Ride of the Valkyries” was not used during the entire battle scene. Is it really that hard to use a song that is public domain for a full 5 minutes? Even if you have to loop parts of it, it’s not like it costs anything to use.

I’m honestly tired of Tuka’s character in the anime. She’s useless, she never talks, and all she does is make this face: O//////////////////O

Nooo....You are the JSDF. Use the full title. Though it may be referred to as just “the Self Defense Force” in Japan where it is obvious what the “Self” is, the “Self” would not be clear in meaning to the people of the Special Region.

“Humanely” and “as one would treat a friend” are definitely not the same thing. “Humanely” means that you respect them as humans and do not mistreat them. “Treat them as one would a friend” would be to welcome them gladly and treat them with fine food and entertainment. Hamilton’s reaction to this explanation (“Whaaaaat!? Would your ‘friends’ invade and pillage your town?”) is completely justified. Now, this may be an attempt to show that though Lelei knows a lot of Japanese by now that not everything translate well, I would prefer they do it in a more obvious way instead of making it seem like they don’t know the definition of humanely.

This is not an intimidating magic caster. The character design isn’t even clearly feathers. This design looks like a 12 year old who dyed their hair and is wearing elbow-length gloves (and has taloned feet) as opposed to the bird-human wind-magic caster that it is supposed to be. Regardless of what the manga design is, this doesn’t look good.

Piña as a competent commander. Yes, the situation may be going poorly, but it’s not because of her incompetence like the anime might lead you to infer.

The taunting scene happens now, but is waaaaaaay more intense than what the anime showed last episode. At one point they throw the mutilated bodies of some of their victims into the crowd of defenders (very similar to a LotR orc-style releasing of prisoners). It makes the seemingly idiotic and pointless choice of the defenders to leave the barricade much more understandable. That being said, it’s also more NSFW than the anime’s scene.

Another show of just how much of an advantage the JSDF has simply because of their technology. It also servers as some good eye-candy. I’m sure after Gundam, Michael Bay will want to direct a GATE adaptation because it has so many explosions.

Rory enters the fray along with the music (“Ride of the Valkyries”) to make the scene much more dramatic.

GATE continues to excel at demonstrating military tactics. In this case, the “gathering burns” are attacks used to corral the enemy into a killzone. This detail was left out in the anime, but it didn’t hurt the scene because medieval warfare was fought in large clumps anyway so it wouldn’t be unusual for the enemy to be gathered together at the gate already even without this tactic.

Piña’s thoughts about the JSDF’s might, which she is just now seeing for the first time in person, are great just like the anime’s. In the manga, however, it comes across as more of a shocking realization that her forces are bugs to be squished under the might of the “Jayesdeef” and the magical weapons they have.



Rory and Kuribayashi!

We see Piña’s thoughts about surrendering more openly, and they are more fitting for her character in the manga - filled with the pride of a princess and commander who is inexperienced.

Here we get to see the treaty in detail, and I am very happy to see that it pretty clearly sets up Piña as the link between the JSDF and the Empire. While the anime does this, the manga more clearly makes Piña the intermediary.

This scene was in both the anime and manga, and was funny in both deliveries. (The wind-mage’s design also doesn’t look like a 12 year old)

In addition to just showing that Lelei values information and learning about things, the manga actually tells what information Lelei wants. I’m not sure what she wants to do with all that information about what things cost in all of the markets, but it seems to me like she is looking to buy something soon. With the large haul of money they just got from selling the dragon scales, I’d be willing to bet that it’s something pricey. Maybe magical stuff?


(The next 3 parts were not included in this anime episode, but will almost assuredly be in the next episode)

More development for Piña is great, especially now that we see her in a non-combat scenario leading her order of knights. They messed up pretty royally by taking Itami captive and have no idea what sleeping lion they’re poking with twigs, but more than being angry at them, Piñais worried. Worried that if she handles this wrong, they could all be wiped out effortlessly, just like the remnants of the Allied-Nations army were.

Grey shows that he is indeed the most experience soldier of the Rose Knights by suggesting that they simply apologize for taking Itami captive, considering the JSDF’s firepower.

Besides being an otaku who is in the JSDF just to support his hobby, Itami is also a secret badass. The best kind of badass. (This scene was not included in the anime episode, but will almost assuredly be in the next episode)


The Cobra gives no radio warning to Itami before opening fire and leveling an entire area. Given all the other military details included in GATE, this is a very strange one to leave out. I would think this is more important than a soldier self-narrating the proper steps of firing a gun accurately at a moving target.

When one of Piña’s knights dies, it isn’t as emphasized s in the anime. If it weren’t for the anime, I wouldn’t have known that it was one of her soldiers. We see Piña ask “Where’s Norma” before the arrival of the 4th Combat Unit and then see what I assume is him on a stretcher dead afterwards in the next chapter. G’bye Norma, we hardly knew ye.

Again, “humane” and “treat them like a friend” are two completely different things.

If you could have just blown past them once they became hostile in the first place instead of getting out of the vehicle...

Though this episode adapted 3 chapters (2.5, really), it felt like it picked up a bit in terms of quality. Yes, there were still many details that weren’t included and the manga was much better as usual, but the anime was better than the last episode or two. The manga just has so much going on that the few details it misses seem major, but it is an excellent story that is executed wonderfully. The characters are interesting, the world has depth, and it balances seriousness with comedy very well. The anime does not handle the balance between serious and comedy as well and the characters aren’t as interesting because of some direction choices, but the adaptation is still adequate to tell the story. Again, read the manga for the best experience, but the anime is still a good choice as well. I advocate for both (I watch the episode before reading to get the maximum amount of enjoyment, as the trend seems to be that once I read I notice what the anime left out).

AnimeGATE is a series on experiencing an anime and its manga source material simultaneously. But really, “it’s about ethics in anime adaptations...”