Last week, we had politics, fighting, and a nice ‘relaxing’ trip to an onsen. New characters were introduced and developed which gave the story a more detailed backdrop of global politics - a thing that I have been looking forward to for a while now with how much it has been teased. As well as building the story on the political stage, the characters (specifically Itami) gained a little more depth. After the US pulled some political strings, the Japanese Special Forces team ceased engagement with the enemy, but will that be enough to save them?

I would put in a good number of gifs of Rory fighting, but seeing as how kinja is soon going to shift to a different minimum picture size for full-scale pictures/gifs, I’m not going to make them. So basically, the first third of this episode that is action will be represented by one or two photos instead of 4 or 5 gifs. The file sizes would be too large and make the page take forever to load for some people. Likewise, I will not be making a gif for Lelei’s spell casting. Blame kinja.

Same setup, different faces.

The moment when the three forces met each other was interesting and pretty funny.

This blurry screenshot is all you get of what would have been an awesome gif. Take the growing discontent brewing in your bowels and direct it towards kinja. It deserves it. But anyway, Rory being Rory and going berserk is crazy to watch in action.

Here’s a pretty creepy-looking screenshot of directly after Rory has finished off the enemy forces outside. Poor guys never stood a chance - and didn’t even know they didn’t stand a chance.

“Demigods don’t die. We can’t die.” Once again, fear Rory. Do not mess with Rory. Rory will destroy you and the nearest village. No gif of the bullets being pushed out of the wounds as she regenerates (blame kinja).

Once again, this guy has no idea what’s going on. He’s just chilling in the getaway car while Rory wreaks havoc up at the onsen. Poor guy.

Lelei using some magic! Put that knowledge and skill to use. Also, as I’m sure you can guess what I’m about to say - blame kinja. (I’m not bitter about the changes. Noooo, not one bit)

I praise the manga every once in a while for it’s good facial expressions, but the anime has some great ones as well.

Itami’s facial expressions as he has to tell his subordinates and the people he is protecting (well, the people he is protecting and Rory) that he doesn’t know what’s going on exactly are much better than just the serious-faced Itami in the manga.

The anime introduces Graham sooner, and allows the viewer to more easily associate him with the US than the manga does. Also the President is using a Mac. I always find it interesting to see how anime will take brands and change them slightly but still make it obvious what brand it is.

For reference, and because it takes up less space than 4 screenshots.

“You know me well” is exactly what I was thinking, and has made me realize that Risa really is a great match for Itami - she understands him so well and is willing to go through everything and still be at it.

Somebody is a little upset still. But this gives Risa and Itami a reason to interact, which I enjoyed. Risa, the internet wizard, and Itami, the secret badass.

Rory doesn’t care who is out to get her. She laughs at them. Literally, she laughs while she fights. Itami probably isn’t worried about her safety, but the safety of all of those people who came out to see her, Tuka and Lelei.

I’m really interested in how this plays out throughout the rest of the story. Itami is going back to the Special Region for the foreseeable future, so I’m not sure if it will just get moved to the back burner or dropped altogether.

Super serious face time. Protect the girls, don’t let them get hurt. Use of deadly force is authorized.

Komakado’s cover story for the onsen incident is better in the manga

Komakado’s conversation with Graham was funnier to me in the anime because we knew who Graham was, as opposed to in the manga where this was his first introduction. Whether it’s the anime’s old and slightly crazy design or the manga’s sly and wily design, the political maneuvering of Komakado fits perfectly with how he looks.

The reactions of the foreign nations to the Japanese forces detaining all of the foreign operatives was funny and interesting to see how each faction would be portrayed. Russia is my favorite with just “Not bad.” as a reaction. The US got very angry, and the Chinese were very matter-of-fact in their order to withdraw.

The bell tolling on the clock is a nice touch considering the timing of it (get it? Time-ing), but the fact that they didn’t let the clock play through its full chime bothers me. I love to hear clocks chime out the time.

Everyone returns to the Special Region, and there are mixed feelings about the ‘holiday’ and experiences, but it’s all a nice way to wrap up that little excursion.

Again, I can’t wait to see Piña return to the capitol and try to convince the Senate and Emperor that they should surrender. Now there will be some fun politics.

Kuribayashi’s sister didn’t really play much of an important role since the anime downplayed Kuribayashi’s appearance on TV (no ‘airgun’ comment, no calling countries out by name).

Yes, Itami, your phone did just save you.

The American operative questioning the decisions of the higher-ups because of the cost was a nice way to show the ‘enemy’ as being more than just “oh look, bad guys! They have to be beaten!” The funny part is that the party’s just getting started. Sorry dude, but you only last for like 6 more pages.

I have to say, it must have been an interesting mix of surprise and confusion when they saw some girl in a kimono with a giant halberd standing on a rock to confront ~30 armed special forces from various nations. All of those, and probably not a shred of fear...until they saw that creepy Rory smile.

Awesomeness and various guns being displayed, but this section is best summarized by an internet/gaming adage - “git rekt”

The manga had a greater emphasis on how Rory is destroying everything just by not saying there were other countries there in the sitrep. “A girl in a kimono”...just take a moment and let that sink in. Those guys have no idea what Rory is capable of and it must have been intense when she started going crazy.

The extra part of the Japanese Special Forces soldiers’ reactions is glorious (they also are familiar with Itami). The facial expressions and stuttering in the last panel on the right hand page show that even though they were made aware of Rory’s capabilities, seeing them in action is just as astounding. Bottom line is, you do not go against Rory.

The manga gave clearer reasoning by Itami for them to leave the onsen. ‘Natural disaster’ is an apt way to describe Rory in a battle frenzy; nothing you do is going to stop her. The anime dropped a key scene where Piña eyes the pistol, realizing that not even the invincible ‘men in green’ stand a chance against Rory. The princess actually picks the pistol up and takes it back to the Special Region, as we will see later. Also, the scene where Rory’s wounds spit out the bullets is...slightly different, and not to my taste.

Itami debating over what it do with the money is a great scene, and I’m disappointed that it was left out of the anime as it has comedic value and shows Itami’s character.

This episode continues to leave out the little details, such as the ‘ogre’ comment. Also, Kuribayashi actually takes his weapon, adding a little more realism to the scene (likewise, the ‘latest model PDW’ comment does the same).

Pointing a weapon (and a loaded one, with your finger on the trigger, at that) at your commander is not realistic, however. Both the manga and anime fell to this comedy gag in exchange for sacrificing some of the realistic feel, which is one of the best parts of the manga. Risa has a great ‘death flag’ line which got left out of the anime as well. Piña thinks Itami’s silence is because he can’t tell his subordinates the reason - this shows how differently the militaries work, where the Empire’s foot soldiers get no more information than “go there, do that” and the JSDF soldiers generally get some sort of reason/explanation of why they have a specific goal. In this case, however, Itami genuinely does not know what’s going on, and neither does anyone who isn’t the Prime Minister or the Defense Minister (and whatever assistants were around at the time of the phone call last week).

WHAAAT?! How did this not make it into the anime? Just look at his face. That reaction practically screams “there’s a story here” and I’ll bet it will explain a bit of why Itami is the way he is.

Piña thinks about global politics and once again being used as the Greek Chorus by the author to make the readers think about the situation from a certain perspective. I find it interesting that the Empire holds the mentality that all you can rely on is your own strength - we see how that worked out for them before, but I want to see how that mentality changes in characters other than the ones that have gotten the focus so far. I want to see the Emperor brought to his knees and have a mental struggle with the fact that he no longer holds the ultimate power of the land. Like I said earlier, Piña takes a gun and some ‘art’ with her back to the Special Region. I wonder how that’s going to go over in the capitol.

Good ol’ riot police. Got a crowd and you aren’t sure what its purpose is? Riot police. At least they aren’t wearing masks like these guys. All of those cameras are personally owned and are soon to be taking pictures of aliens. Because that’s technically what the inhabitants of the Special Region are. I’ve never thought about it that way until I read this panel.

Kuribayashi’s facial expression and comment are hilarious.

Serious moment is serious. Itami, Kuribayashi, and Tomita won’t let anybody hurt the girls, and they mean business.

Risa and Itami’s relationship is interesting, and I think they’re a good match for each other.

More politics! Discussion of how the calendar of the Special Region works is yet another detail that gets dropped in the anime at the cost of story depth.

Another bit that was left out of the anime was this “airgun” comment, as the guy holds a magazine with an MP7 on the cover.

Though this part got left out, it’s absolutely hilarious. The sheer amount of guns they took with them and the guard’s reaction are golden.

Just like in the anime. I had almost forgotten that Tuka was in denial about her father dying. Maybe it’s just an elf thing, though. Maybe she can sense his elf spirit or something.

A good ending line. I’m glad that the anime stopped at the end ofba chapter this time so I won’t have to remember what page number I stopped on.

The anime did this particular scene better in my opinion. Though this is more succinct and looks serious, it doesn’t have the aspect of Itami struggling over admitting that he doesn’t have the full situation under control or even knowledge of what’s happening.

Basically, I would summarize this episode as “git rekt” but that wouldn’t be very formal. This episode seems to have left out some more important (or funny) details than the last few episodes have, but it was still a good progression of the story. If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it every week (except last week) - the anime is good, but the manga is better. I don’t know how the line about Itami going to see his mom fits into the grand scheme of things yet, but I have a feeling it’s going to be a pretty important look into Itami’s character, so the removal of Risa’s comment from this episode will make it feel more like a random event in the anime rather than an anticipated thing in the manga. Overall, pretty much most of the story that happens in the manga for this section is adapted almost spot-on in the anime. The details and some of the foreshadowing/setup for future events gets left out, though.

AnimeGATE is a series on experiencing an anime and its manga source material simultaneously. But really, “it’s about ethics in anime adaptations...”