So I just spent most of the day today at Animangaki, and boy was it fun!

Despite having multiple pressing reasons to sleep early the night before, I nonetheless crawled into my bed at the unearthly time of 1 AM, after numerous crushing losses in CS:GO. (I really suck at it.)

I got up at 7, and got to the venue at around 8.10, and waited and waited in front of the registration booth. 8 soon became 9, and only then did I get my press pass. I then stupidly waited in a line until a kind soul told me that press got to go in early. I am the biggest idiot I know.

And big idiot me forgot to take a nice header image. This is what the hall was like before it was open to the public. It wasn’t exactly what you’d call frantic rushing, but everywhere people where getting ready in a hurry. Vendors were setting up shop, the stage and mics were being tested, and there were people hurriedly getting into their “work clothes”.

And right when the clock ticked 10, this happened:

The sheer press of people is scary when you’re not in it. I managed to take a few cosplay pics too:

Punk Spidey FTW

This one’s a bit dark, but this Rory cosplay is seriously amazing.

Awesome Genesis. That sword. Need it. GAH THE JELLY.

That Nicolas certainly looks scary enough for the part.

Unfortunately she doesn’t seems to actually know how to play the violin. :/

This Rin was one of the competitors in the Animangaki Idol event! More on that later.

I dunno who this is :/ Probably Love Live! or something like that.

Aren’t they the same person? Or not? The other one has no mask. (I dunno about anything Bleach)

Ezio is a Sith?! Guess we’re all screwed now.

Gotta give this guy props for trying. It is difficult to move an entire piano around.

I remember this person distinctly. She went “*Sigh* Another one?!”. Jeez. Why’d you cosplay then?!

This Cloud from Kingdom Hearts IS SO FREAKING AMAZING. I stopped taking pics of an event just to take that photo.

She passed me a card. Go check out her other cosplays here: Rina-Hime.

I don’t know what this is. But it looks cool.

Ditto. But seriously dude. Can’t you make a better face? That look screams, uh, I don’t know :/

And last but waaaaaaaay far from least, the guest cosplayer, Yaki:

She was on stage for about 15 minutes, and this was as close as I could get. But I do have an interview session with her tomorrow. This character is from a pretty old Chinese game that I’m pretty sure none of you have heard of: The Legend of Sword and Fairy, and the character is Lin Yue-Ru. But to be fair, this cosplay seems really simple. :/

That’s about it for the cosplay that I managed to get pics of on day 1. There was a pair of girls dressed in really detailed cosplay, but I didn’t manage to get any pics. There’s always tomorrow though! I’ll also be posting an article detailing a hobby and figures section and another one about the events later. Be sure to check them out!

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