Selector Infected WIXOSS is an anime made to promote the bishoujo card game, WIXOSS. However, don't let that fool you because the show itself does very little to explain the card game. So what is the anime about if it's not teaching kids how to play like Yu-gi-oh?

In Selector's universe, WIXOSS is a very popular card game for teenagers with a select few girls possessing "LRIG Cards". "LRIG Cards" are special cards that contains an avatar that has a will of their own. Those who possess "LRIG Cards" become Selectors, where they battle other Selectors in a special dimension to make their wish come true. The story begins with Ruko Kominato, who lives with her Grandma, discovering an "LRIG Card" in a deck that was given by her brother.

In case you're curious, it's directed by Takuya Satō, who directed Steins; Gate and written by Mari Okada, who worked on Toradora!, Lupin the Third: The Woman Called Fujiko Mine, and Black Rock Shooter.

Story - Despite being an anime targeted toward young girls, and to promote a card game, the story itself is really good. At the very first episode, the show makes it clear to you, it's not a happy show. The story can be a bit slow and daunting during the first few episodes since it's mostly revolve around establishing the characters and clue you in to the rules of Selector battles. The later episodes gets more dark.

Animation - The animation is pretty well done and the coloring is quite nice, as expected from J.C. Staff. The battle animation are even better but unfortunately, the battles do not last long. There is a softness to the coloring which works really blends with the deep colors during battles.

The Opening - Just by the opening, you can tell it's going to be dark but that doesn't stop it from having a catchy opening.

Characters - A lot of characters are introduced within the twelve episodes, so you don't really get to know them well nor their LRIG. You do learn a lot about one of the characters, but not the main character.

The Mystery - The biggest hook of the show is the mystery behind the Selectors and the battles. Unfortunately, many of the questions will not be answer within the first season. However, just because there are questions, it's not all bad because there will be a season two.


Twincest - Not sure why incest is so big in anime these days. Selector Infected WIXOSS has it and the characters acknowledge it's wrong. And at the very least, serves a purpose to the story.

Selector Infected WIXOSS isn't an anime for everyone and may not appeal to many viewers. The pacing isn't quick nor do questions get answered right away. And to top it off, the show doesn't seem intent on being a happy show. However, if you have the patience and enjoy a show with a dark supernatural mystery, you should definitely give it a shot.