How’s it going everyone? Last week we got a few entries completing the challenge to make a fast yellow octopus. Out of all the entries, I gotta give the win to Meridya. Just look at this, it’s awesome.

Anyways, congratulation! You win ten (10) Ani-TAY points and a one time use storm as delivered by Protonstorm.

Alright, let’s look at the rest of the entries.

Messy drew this beautiful picture from scratch, using only his original assets.

Spacesquatch taught us how the pyramids were actually made.

Koda gave us a taste of all of Koro sensei’s forms.

Rockmandash showed us the photo taken during Krakken and Yanderestorm’s first date.

Time for the new theme!!!!!

Here we go. This time, I want you guys to break some anime necks. Shaft is an animation studio that is known for their iconic head-tilts. What I want you to do is make something that incorporates a head-tilt. You can draw it, photoshop it, cook it, I don’t care, just somehow meet the theme.

Here’s an example of the level of tilt I’m looking for.

Again, here are the rule:
-No nudity.
-No hateful content.
-Use your own work.

Good luck!

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