It will have a Calendar, Special chapters and an Important announcement!

In the pages of the newest Issue of Akita Shoten Champion RED, which presented a cover of Saintia Sho, it has come with the announcement that the next issue will have a lot of content based in Saint Seiya.

The related content is:

-Special cover signed by Masami Kurumada (Saint Seiya, Ring ni Kakero)

-A Calendar

-The 41 chapter of Saintia Sho will have pages in full color

-An Special Chapter of Saint Seiya -The Lost Canvas-

-An Special Chapter of Saint Seiya Episode G- Assasin

-An Special Announcement.

While the chances of an Anime announcement exist, I think the highes posibility is that the announcement will be about the return of Saint Seiya: Next Dimension, mostly because some weeks ago Kurumada teased on his website that the countdown for the comeback of such manga it is near.

At the same time, the peple at SKD Scans, which translate Saintia Sho manga, has said that the magazine says that it is the “30th anniversary’s climax” which also most likely refeers to Next Dimension due that Kurumada said that the climax of the story is near.

Back in June we had our own Saint Seiya celebration.

Via: Universo Saint Seiya (Spanish) and Skd Scans Tumblr