And we are back with Macross Delta! These 3 chapters were quiet as in no fighting, still they are important since all of this it´s in preparation for the big finale! So now let´s check it out!

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Chapter 19

This chapter is basically a recap of all the past Macross and how it connects between them and with Delta in specific; mostly since the Vajra incident was the catalyst for the Var outbreak.


Also Hayato and Mikumo won´t wake up and it seems that the Arabic guy from Epsilon is playing on both fields and it´s only interested in making music the ultimate weapon.

Besides that I had the theory in the past Article that Mikumo was a Protoculture person, and although such theory is still feasible, a new one was presented and is that Mikumo is an Artificial person made by orders of Lady M, who was researching the way of using Music as a weapon too!

Finally Mirayato Shippers! We got our come back! Mostly in the face that it´s thanks to Mirage that Hayato is able to wake up and that she is honest to herself now, and she has recognized that she is indeed in love with him.


Finally in the AniTay´s Chat there are some theories on who is Lady M…Maybe…Minmei? Or… Other character whose name starts with M? Or …Or… Well, you get the point!

Oh and BTW, the script I had for this chapter got deleted by accident so I used my all powerful memory to write what I remember from the chapter!

Chapter 20

The chapter starts with Hayate and Freyja, both of them are going to have some experiments in them in order to prevent for Hayato to become Var, all of that was because he showed all the signs of it when they fought in Voldor.

In any case, the tests doesn´t go so well since Freyja it seems she can´t sing anymore, and Mikumo is still absent and her condition or whereabouts are unknown. At the same time Hayato feels frustrated since because of him Freyja is in such predicament.

In Windermere the Sky Knights are talking about what happened in Voldor where that Mikumo girl was able to break their Majesty´s song, Borgues says that it has to be because they must have made experiments to Freyja´s rune! It has to be it! Cassim it was very quiet so he didn´t add too much on the conversation.

Meanwhile the Epsilon Guy is back at Windermere, Roid ask him about what he talked with the enemy, which the Epsilon dude denied to give any information since it´s part of his moral code of sorts. Also we get to know that he is developing a Mind Control weapon for Windermere and is using the Protoculture ruins for that, although now Roid doesn´t look much convinced of using such weapons. Their meeting gets stopped by Keith so the Epsilon guy leaves.

Meanwhile Heinz is in a castle garden and is remembering when his song was broken and beated by Mikumo´s song. He has some time with the animals and his intentions on participating in a Sport event one day, although it might not be this one since all of Windermere is at war.


Later Heinz is being attend by his Medic and he asks Roid, who was present alongside Keith, who is that person who overwhelmed his song? Roid tells him to not to worry about that, that everything is fine… I feel that everything is not fine right now :P

Later Keith asks Roid on why Heinz doctor is different now? Roid says that the previous Doctor went to visit his family; but the new one is just as skilled!

Afterthat Keith asks to both Theo and Xao for a love potion…I mean to investigate something for him, since their family has connections to the medical world.


I am gonna theorize a little and say that this reminds me so much of Stalin back in Soviet Russia, where people suddenly disappear, Stalin´s Daughter then asked her Father of what happened to such persons? Which Stalin responded saying that “they went to the Countryside” or that “They went to visit some family”… You know were I am going with this? Is that I believe that Roid is disappearing people right now, anybody who might interfere with his plans… Now that I think about it, Roid is the main villain and Heinz is one of his victims now.

Anyway, Keith starts remembering the time he knew Roid and wonders what is he trying to do?

Back with the Macross Elysion. Freyja is still unable to sing, even if she truly tries. Meanwhile Makina and Reina are able to infiltrate to the security and the medical ship, Kaname catches them and tells them that it might be very rough, still Makina and Reina explains that they are worried for Mikumo. In any case Kaname let it pass since she doesn´t like to be in the dark either.


Meanwhile Hayate is with Freyja and Hayate tries to make her sing again, since he is going to prove that Freyja´s song won´t make him go Berserk! Freyja tells him of her intentions of stop singing, so Hayte can go back to flying; Hayate then says that no, he will stop flying so she will go back to sing! In any case the 2 of them pass the ball like that. Mirage looks at the scene and just sighs.

Meanwhile Makina, Kanade and Reina are in the hospital ship where Mikumo is. They will find the truth! When they are close to enter…something goes wrong with the keys.

Meanwhile Mirage interferes with hayato and Freyja´s dilemma and show them some though love for both of them! Showing them that both need each other and that Freyja needs to sing and Hayate needs to fly!


Also Mirage shows her love and affection for…Both of them?! A new ship incoming?! Imposibru!...Well, it´s possible, but you get me no? I have invested so much time in Mirayato now to even welcome “Freyjage” now!

Err… Any way… Continuing …

Back with the other Walkure girls, Kaname decides to enter when the things started to go South and use her hability. Soon enough Rena and Makina are captured; Kaname is able to find Mikumo, inside a tube…Singing.


A good chapter! I liked it way more than the past one. Also various things are developing now, from Mikumo´s secret past, ther romantic trio and how Roid is going more to the way of the Dictator… Everything is tying up quite well if you ask me!

Chapter 21

The chapter starts with Heinz, Roid and the Epsilon guy, they start making an experiment about the “mind control powers” in the Planet Al-Shahal. Heinz starts singing and everything went according to Keikaku (TL note: Keikaku means plan) until Heinz falls unconscious and so every person in Al-Shahal… Man I truly feel for the ship pilots (and their crew) or the doctors making …Doctor things :P


Meanwhile Hayato, Mirage and Freyja are talking about the other Walkure girls who are at the med station after they tried to go where Mikumo is. They are enjoying a bad meal in that prison... Also they are informed on what happened in Al-Shahal since 85% of the population is in coma.

We get to known the history of Walkure, about how Kanade was going to be the manager at first; but then it became part of the group due to her foldwaves, and how Kanade,Reina, Makina, and two other former members, Lily and Claire a blond chick were going to be the first generation of Walkure; how Makina and Reina fought, when Lily decided to leave. How every “concert” they gave was a mess, also their rise to the fame, still the fact that they concerts where in war zones was tough, so Claire couldn´t endure it much longer. Finally we get to see when Mikumo came and she didn´t need any audition or anything like that.


Also we sought when Kanade meet with Messer and when the Delta squadron was made. Which it was all an idea of Captain Arad, in order to protect; but also serves as part of the show for Walkure.

Back at the present, it seems that Mikumo is well and back again for more action!

Meanwhile Keith goes to check on Heinz and see that His Majesty is dying, he is getting those marks like fry skin. Keith goes to face Roid and we get to know that Roid didn´t killed the doctor, not so Stalin though… Still the flame of a Dictator is in there since he made a big confession to Keith…


… He is the one who killed the King, the former King didn´t died for an explosion; but for Roid´s hands in order to “cease his suffering”, Keith asks if everything about his “will” is a lie too! Roid says that it´s the truth, that he could feel with his Rune what the former King wanted… Keith leaves very stressed after Roid menace of “if you don´t believe you can kill me now”, not before telling him that if he tries to betray his Majesty he will receive all of his hatred… Roid also says that he would like to fly the same skies as Keith.

Oh also Roid wonders what Mikumo did back at Voldor in order to activate and even affect Heinz.

Finally the Delta Squadron has it´s new mission. Go to Windermere and destroy the Protoculture ruins! This is because doing it in every planet would take too much time and little impact. They way where they will go is by the Planet Alfheim, the same place where Kanade meet Messer for the first time.


Finally we get to see that the Walkire girls plus Mikumo are back at Macross Elysion! And a final revelation… Mikumo is in truth a made human that Lady M. decided to made, with Fold Receptors in her genes, so in truth she has only 3 years, explaining with that why she doesn´t have much memories, still even if she is a Clone or whatever, there it is her desire… To Sing!

At the same time, we get to know that maybe a mind control device is not what Roid is planning; but maybe something more like a “hive mind” similar to how the Bees or ants communicate, in any case Roid says to the Epsilon Guy (who is the one who detected that) that his only mission is to investigate, and nothing more. Finally something is activating in such camera, Roid contemplates what it might be the… “Star Singer”.


A Very good chapter indeed! Everything is falling in to place for the final battle now that we are mere chapters away for the big finish! So soon it´s time to make our bets! Who will survive?

Also in the Blu-Ray release of Macross Delta, there are some extras who are the “Mini Theater” which is comedy! They are somewhat funny, especially the Mirage diary one, although the face expressions of Borgues, Theo and Xao were too!

In any case, see ya in 3 or so weeks!