This Week was the twelve episode of Cardfight Vanguard G: GIRS Crisis Aired. And that means one thing…We have more or less covered a quarter of the show!

On the past I did some early impressions about this show. But now, let us see what things have happened so far and if the things are going well…And maybe just a little theory here and there. So let us begin!

Character Development and Role Models!

On the past I said that the theme in general of this season was about “Which future do you want?”. Well, now the Team Try3 has developed more around that question, and even make some role models on the progress!


First let us see with Chrono. He still doesn´t know what to do with his life, so he has decided to just keep going forward. And with that he was encouraged by none other than the Vanguard Veteran: Naoki Ishida! Which…Is somewhat of an obvious choice since both are red headed, both looks like toughs, both are hot blooded. So yeah, he helped him to not to worry too much about that and focus on the objective he has the closest…Which is the G Quest.

With Tokoha. It is about her doubts, since while Shion and Chrono are going forward…She doesn´t know truly what to do, since while she is doing the G Quest. Vanguard it´s a hobby for her and that´s all, she ahs no interest in becoming a pro or work for the Association like her brother does. The one who helped her to be a little patient and help with whatever might comes until her head reaches the conclusion is (The super hawt) Misaki, who tells her history of what happened with her on the years between the Movie and Vanguard G, and why she decided to become a Shop Owner and even open a second one. With that, Tokoha decided to just relax, but decided that while she will relax and let the thing develops by itself, she will aim for something. And that is to go and study abroad after she graduates. That is since it´s a somewhat far away decision moment (She is on 1st or 2nd year of Junior High as far as I know) and if something changes, it won´t be so biggy. But still, she will give her all!


On Shion´s case, he is by far the most developed of the three and the one with a truly interesting story as of right now. I am saying this since on the last entry we sought how the life as he knew it was taken from his hands, and how he faced the desperation… Until he found Kai, who will become a some sort of Role Model for our Royal Paladin User. He shows him that he must not give up and not to surrender to the desperation! So what if he is half-baked as Shouma said (His Rival of the first season)? Or if he will always be a Spoiled rich Kid as Ace said (His actual Rival)? Every time he gets knocked out he will rise up again as a Hero from an Epic tale! And in truth Shion is doing that…Not only with this card game, but with everything. From getting beat up and get into fights while he search for Ace to getting used to this new life as a poor man.

Continuing with this he is still searching for the mysterious Ace person, and has find some clues about who in truth is he (more on that later) and where is he now. So far is that he moves a ot on the city, it is truly an occupied person, so all of his meetings are swift. He has multiple cellphones and in Vanguard he uses Grand Blue (Zombie Pirates).

Now up to the next point!

It is entering us to the second main Story Arc.

Since Vanguard´s Seasons are made of one year. The Team has a lot of time to cover a lot of things… And Since the 3rd Season of the original series. They have a thing to divide them on 2 Story Arcs. On this case the first is the G Quest which we talked on the first Article. But now we know that the second one will be coming, although I think it will be by the 20 something chapter.

This Second arc it is about the Depend Cards and the Ryouzu guy that Ibuki named on the last chapter of the past Season… Since it looks like he is bringing (Chibi-Cute) Gear Chronicles units and sealing them on cards. A the same time other clues are that it looks like Ibuki is training Chrono and his buddies by making them fight against the Veteran fighters on the G Quest… Which will explain why some random nobodies (for the Asociation) like Miwa, Shingo and Naoki got some special spot on some G Quest, when the three of them are just College Students (With Miwa as a sub manager on Card Capital 1.

On the same regard, Naoki has spelled the beans and told our Heroes about the truth about Cray. That it is a real place on another dimension, but what happens on Cray can affect the Eart and vice versa, also Kamui explain them something similar with that.

Of course we are still some chapters behind that second story arc gets into full motion, since we need if Chrono will beat Ibuki for the second time on Star gate and watch them struggle against AL4 Foo Fighters (Vanguard Original Series first Villains) on United Sanctuary. So we can relax in that regard.

Theories and Ships,Ships and Ships!

Now it´s everyones favorite part! The Speculation! So let´s tackle them one by one!

Ace´s True Identity.

It is obvious that Ace is not his real name, and that he is hiding a lot of things about him. But before starting this topic let us check what we know about him.

-We know that he has a boss…Who probably is Ryouzu…

-We know that he is a bussy person who moves a lot around town.

- He has a lot of cellphones.

- He uses Grand Blue.

Having that into account. Some persons have said that Ace is not other but this


Yes…The Idol who alongside Luna makes Rumi Labyrinth! These theory is reinforced since somewhat both of them look a like somewhat, and because both uses Grand Blue and both have some relationship with Shion. One as a rival and the other as a potential love interest, since the first time they meet, Am put her eyes on Shion. That will make that Ace is not a He, but a She. I think that this theory could be true, but I hope not. Since that is something that the fans expect and I would prefer to break their Expectations and be surprised by another thing… As a matter of fact, I think that maybe Am and Ace are somewhat related, but they aren´t the same person.

Aichi´s Comeback.

Aichi, the Main Character of the Original Series. The person who was able to use Psyqualia and beat the Invincible Ren, the Cray Being called Void, the Alien menace of the Link Joker and even knock some senses (alongside Kai) to Ibuki back in the movie!


I am saying this because he was one of the persons who Ibuki called when he started gathering the old guard for his plan. Also because he even got his Biography updated for this season and has been more and more teased with the passing of the chapters, we even sought a photo of his younger self. So basically he is a given at this point. But the question is…when?

If you ask me, I think we will see him by the 20 something chapter, Chrono will be the one who will face and defeat Ryouzu, since Ibuki is preparing him for that which cuts the “Aichi-Dex-Machina” where he appears of nowhere and defeats the bad guy.

Ryouzu…Who is this Guy?!

On the last chapter of the past season, we where introducted to Ryouzu, the true evil guy…But we don´t know much about him… from where he is coming from? Why is he doing what is he doing? And much other things.


What we know is that he has an important role on the Association and that he is a Gear Chronicle User. Also that he has something to do with the Chrono´s Dad desaparition and that it is very likely that he was the one who defeated Kanzaki (Last Season´s Villain)back in the day and make him go crazy with the Depend card stuff.

A part of me want to think that he has something to do with the Deletors… Mostly for whatever it´s happening to his left eye, and that it somewhat remember me to what happened to Ibuki back in the Movie where he used Deletors instead of Messiah… That would explain why Ibuki has so much interest to Ryouzu but in truth…I don´t find much connection and I know that this theory doesn´t hold much water.

Kanzaki and team demise come back?

On the past season, the Rivals and villains of our Heroes where incarnated on the figures of Team Demise and Kanzaki. Team Demise was a Team that defeated TRY3 in a humiliating way on the Regional Tournament…And not even on the finals or something, and after that went to the Nationals, meanwhile Kanzaki was the branch manager of United Sanctuary and someone who wanted desperately to challenge and defeat Ryouzu just for the sake of showing he was the strongest.

Well … We all know that Demise got disbanded after they lost against Try3 on the special match on United Sanctuary and Rin, Shouma and Taiyou went to their own solo ways; meanwhile Kanzaki left his job as branch manager and went with his horse who can defy gravity to the sunset in order to become stronger.

I am saying this because Rin promised to come back and beat both Tokoha, her Rival, and be a Tsundere with Mamoru; Meanwhile Shouma predicted that he will lead Shion to the Paradise of desperation and become his Guardian Angel there, after that he was humiliated by Ibuki, and Shouma promised him that this was far from over for him…Since he is truly crazy and freaks me out; Taiyou is one of the good guys now. But the fact that he has not appeared right now is intriguing, since Chrono took care of him a lot as a some form of big brother to Taiyou… But maybe he will appear on United Sanctuary since it was stated that he was still a regular in there.


As for Kanzaki, I am quite sure that he will come back as his obsession was to gain enough power in order to defeat Ryouzu, since he was the strongest.

Having that into account. I have a suspicious that we will see everyone of them at some point in the future, but with different Aura: Taiyou as a friend; Rin as a comic Tsundere; Shouma as a batshit crazy dude who can murder you with a smile on his face…Yeah, he freaks me out; and Kanzaki as a some form of “surprise Boss” like how Aoshi Shinomori appeared on the Rurouni Kenshin manga. He appeared before the final battle against Shishio because he wanted to kick Kenshin´s Ass in order to prove he was the Strongest.

On the same vein, I can see Kanzaki appearing out of nowhere just to kick Chrono´s Butt so he won´t be a bother when he goes to face and defeat Ryouzu.


Now having that It is time for the Ships! Those ridiculous pairs that we people like to make!

Tokoha x Jaime or Tokojaime!

This Ship was stated at the end of the past season and on the first chapters of this one. Since on both times, Tokoha got blushed for his advances and it looks like Jaime has certain fond of her...Even tough he flirts with every girl he encounters.

Mamoru x Rin or Mamorin!

On the same point The fact that Rin went whole Tsundere with Mamoru…Make me think that…But that´s just me :P


Chrono x Luna or…Chruna?...I don´t know they don´t give me much tools to work with.

Both have a heat hair color, both have a white swirl of hair and… That´s about it really.

Shion x Am or Sham… Yeah i´m getting worst with these names.

Since Am put her eyes on Shion, and the fact that she talked with Shion before his match against Kai saying that she will cheer for him, and when Shion lost against Kai she was the first one to clap for him! So it truly make me think that there is a Ship in sight!

Chrono x Kumi or Chrumi!

This was more or less teased on the early chapters of the past season, but as of right now it has been truly forgotten.

Misaki x Miwa or Miwasaki!

A classic! Since the original series the people hinted it, and even on the last chapter the writers decided to throw us a bone and basically say that they are going to be a pair…Sadly as of right now, that has been left on nothing since besides the fact that both study on the same College and work on the same place…They haven´t said much.

Ibuki x Everyone! Or Iburione!!! D:<

Ibuki makes everyone´s hearth go doki doki!! So Ibuki and his Mamoru Miyano´s Voice should date with every man, woman, old and young, doesn´t matter! He should date with everyone on the World!!! D:<

Now to finish this up… Am… I went to see the Peanuts movie, it was amazing and I think it should be at the very least nominated for an Oscar…


Oh about Vanguard?... Well see ya next time and here are some videos of the Second Season of Cardfight Vanguard MiniVan!