Ani-TAY's Top 15 Anime Openings of 2014

All throughout the year I have given my own personal rankings of what my favorite openings of each season, and ultimately the entire year, were. However, I decided that I had my fair share in the spotlight, so I opened it to you, the Ani-TAY community, to vote on what your favorite anime openings from 2014 were,… » 12/18/14 12:30am Thursday 12:30am

First Time Classics: Clannad / After Story - Within Reach: Ep 1-36

Welcome to First Time Classics. I am Krakken_Unleashed, resident newbie Otaku, and blog writer. First Time Classics is a (hopefully) recurring series I am starting where I will be finding well respected, liked or important Anime of the past, watching them as a first time viewer, and writing about the experience. This… » 12/17/14 2:06pm Wednesday 2:06pm

Project Hydra - Corpse Party: Tortured Souls Episode 2

Oftentimes, I am told that an anime is a horror show or scary. Although these recommendations often prove to be good shows, rarely do I find them to be what they were marketed to me as. In this case, however, Corpse Party is exactly what someone might expect from a scary movie- for better or for worse. » 12/16/14 3:00pm Tuesday 3:00pm

Project Hydra - Corpse Party: Tortured Souls Episode 1 

Welcome to the Project Hydra for Corpse Party: Tortured Souls, the review series where random AniTAY members review random episodes of a show, without prior knowledge of the shows contents or story. We hope this is as entertaining for you as it was bewildering for us. » 12/15/14 3:00pm Monday 3:00pm

Project Hydra Attends a Corpse Party for Tortured Souls

Welcome to the second article of Project Hydra, the review series where random AniTAY members review random episodes of a show. Today, we have the 4 episode OVA anime adaptation of a PSP horror game, Corpse Party: Tortured Souls. » 12/15/14 2:55pm Monday 2:55pm

Akame ga Kill!: The Ani-TAY Review

Tatsumi is a young happy-go-lucky sword fighter from a poverty-stricken village that sets out with his friends Ieyasu and Sayo towards the Capital of the empire they live in in an effort to make money for their village. Along the way, the trio get attacked by bandits and Tatsumi gets separated from his friends.… » 12/15/14 4:45am Monday 4:45am

OP/ED A Day Example Format

Last month, FruityDrinks (of AniTAY Podcast Fame) pitched an idea called OP/ED A Day, where we would post one article a day on AniTAY where we'd share an OP or ED then talk about it. Some members of our OP/ED A Day Battalion were asking for a format, so I decided I'd make a sample format. Keep in mind that using this… » 12/14/14 7:35pm Sunday 7:35pm

Karen Senki: The Ani-TAY Review

The worst fear of any society with robots has come true, the machines have rebelled against their masters. Karen loses her little sister Touka during the initial attack and vows to save humanity from the robots. Shortly after Touka was killed, Karen mysteriously has a mark shaped like the number 11 burned into her… » 12/13/14 12:37am 12/13/14 12:37am

TAY Explores Light Novels: Mushoku Tensei

I have not read many light novels (LN) to date. So far, I've read up to current in Arifureta, about fifty chapters of Re:Monster, and about four volumes of No Game No Life, but I can safely say that Mushoku Tensei is the best light novel series I have read so far. Up until this year, I've basically written off LNs as… » 12/13/14 12:28am 12/13/14 12:28am

Mamoru Hosoda's announces next film "The Boy and the Beast"

Mamoru Hosoda announced in a conference that his next feature film Bakemono no Ko (The Boy and the Beast) will be released in July 2015 in Japan. Known for his previous films The Girl Who Leapt Through Time, Summer Wars and Wolf Children, Hosoda's films have been critically acclaimed. » 12/11/14 2:40pm 12/11/14 2:40pm

Chaika - The Coffin Princess: Avenging Battle: The Ani-TAY Review

Having survived the events at the end of the first season, teenage Wizard Chaika Trabant and her friends Toru, Akari, and Fredrika continue their search for the remains of the deceased tyrant Arthur Gaz and to uncover the truth behind Chaika. They finally catch a big break from the mysterious Guy who directs them… » 12/11/14 1:03am 12/11/14 1:03am