Dubs w/ Dil: Fate/Zero

One of the most difficult franchises I have seen, Fate has had me teetering between adoring and loathing it. A majority of my viewership comes from the three series adapted (Fate/Zero and Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works by ufotable and Fate/stay night by Studio DEEN) and window watching of the boatload of…


The Second Series Curse

With any medium not everything is a sure thing, even when something starts out amazing things can go wrong. I call this the second series curse when it comes to anime, where a series second outing just doesn’t live up to the first. Now these anime aren’t necessarily the worst; just compared to their predecessors…


Dil Weeb: Chapter 2

Dil calmly cleans his apartment to the light sounds of classical music coming from his speakers. His father calls, asking about what his weekend plans were. With his extended weekend, he finally was looking forward to getting around to reading books and doing normal people things. Dusting off a photo frame, he kisses