One Year in Wonderland: Krakken's Confessions Part 2

Five months ago, something happened. Something grand, life changing, and somewhat intimidating. Five Months ago, I posted my Confessions. At the time I was an isolated Anime fan, with few people that I knew well and met regularly enough to talk meaningfully about my new hobby. At the time I was a consumer, a novice… » 4/21/15 3:30pm Today 3:30pm

Gintama': The Ani-TAY Review (Seasons 5 & 6)

Let me say this upfront: I LOATH the idea of getting into series more than 48 episodes (two seasons worth). Why? Because 1) it will drag me into a pit of inescapable NEETdom like Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood did, and/or 2) I’ll have to deal with crap-tons of filler. Sadly, this show has both problems. While the… » 4/20/15 10:00pm Yesterday 10:00pm

From Godzilla to God Knows

We have had several articles recently of people recounting their time with anime, or what got them into these weird Japanese cartoons. Most of them appear to have been fairly recent converts, so I thought it might be interesting to hear from a more long term fan, at least as far as this community is concerned.
» 4/20/15 2:00am Yesterday 2:00am

Noragami: The Stray God Vol. 1 - The Ani-TAY Manga Review

It’s in the nature of our modern world to generate hate, despair, and anger, because of the sheer amount of stress and desire humans have. These negative emotions draw phantoms known as Ayakashi, which feed off those emotions, and cause even greater negativity from their hosts, even driving them to suicide. » 4/20/15 1:00am Yesterday 1:00am

Sound! Euphonium: AniTAY Preview and Impressions

How has there been so little talk about this anime? Produced by Kyoto Animation and directed by Tatsuya Ishihara of Chunibyo, Haruhi and Clannad fame, Sound! Euphonium is a Spring 2015 anime two episodes in. Read on to find out what makes Sound! one of this season’s OCD simulcast-time refreshers and must watches!
» 4/19/15 11:24pm Sunday 11:24pm

Sunday Ani-TAY Café

I feel like hearing some OST today, thanks to the tons of homework I’m currently dealing with. Of course, it’s always fun to hear some new ones (or something that I know already but have forgotten about at the moment), so what would you guys consider a good song to listen to for studying? Here’s the one I’ve been… » 4/19/15 9:00pm Sunday 9:00pm